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Liquid Stainless Steel

Liquid Stainless Steel Paint Kits are perfect for kitchen makeovers on a budget. No need to replace well-working appliances just for the aesthetic value of stainless. Our 100% stainless steel coating creates a professional looking finish with just a roller and brush.

Countertop Transformations

Replace those dirty, dingy or just plain dated countertops into the look of granite without the cost and mess of total replacement. Rust-Oleum® Countertop Transformations® makes it so easy anyone can do it. In one weekend you can completely transform the look of your countertops into the look of granite.

  • Affordable alternative to messy and expensive countertop demolition

  • Easy to use, no special skills required

  • Ultimate durability

One Time Wood

Whether your applications are new or old wood, whether the wood is pressure treated or natural, whether the lumber is cedar, redwood, pine, fir, cumaru or any other wood type, One TIME is the only stain and sealer that guarantees maximum performance and protection for 7 years.

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